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Monday, January 7, 2008

The Nerd Returns!

After several months of having no outlet for my inner yoganerd, I'm so excited that the Nerd is back and I can share all of the wondrous things I've learned about the body and alignment and the application of this knowledge toward continuing to deepen the wonder.

For me, this is what the Nerd is all about: marveling at the beauty, and architecture, and innate intelligence of our existence, and gaining access to a deepening understanding of ourselves through our engagement. One strategy of yoga/engagement that always seems to open up to more is the practice of naming (namadeya). By putting names to and clearly articulating our experience, we create meaning, we create access. This is just as true when name our emotions (as in, "this circumstance makes me feel angry") as it is when name parts of our body (as in, "my calf muscle engages when I press through the big toe mound). In both cases, being able to articulate what's happening allows you to do reflect on what to do with it and make optimal choices.

Hence, the Nerd. It is all about greater and greater refinement in naming, in articulating the vastness and minutiae of our experience so that we can empower those experiences.

Welcome to the conversation!